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At DVBViewer, we receive quite a lot support requests on a daily basis. To be able to survive this support-pressure as a company, we've introduced multiple ways of getting support.

Support Forum:

Our Support Forum should be always your first point of contact for questions of all kind. It exists for more than 15 years and there are no questions, which are'nt already answered for multiple times. Our Forum can be found here.

E-Mail Contact:

An alternative way is to contact us via E-Mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
I would like to order the Media Server or an other plugin, but my mail address used for the DVBViewer is no longer existing.

This is a common problem and easy to solve. After you ordered a DVBViewer plugin and our data base does not recognize your new mail address we send a automated mail to you, asking for the used DVBViewer mail address. After your response we update our database and send all new orders to your new address. The old DVBViewer credentials will not be changed at all.

Question 2:
The DVBViewer does not detect my hardware.

This problem can have multiple reasons:

  • Make sure that you have suitable drivers for your hardware. In the windows device manager you should also dont see any exclamation or any other error for your hardware.

  • If you use a Sat>IP server, you have to add this device in the hardware options inside the DVBViewer. Once connected the firewall might ask to allow the connection.

  • If you added a DVB device after the installation you might have to press the search for devices button in the DVBViewer hardware options.

Question 3:
Do i need a DVB adapter to use the DVBViewer?.

No, besides DVB/ATSC/ISDB the DVBViewer is also able to use Sat>IP or IPTV channels. All Internet stations are handled as real tv/radio channels and can even become recorded.

Question 4:
I don't receive some stations.

In such cases you should do a channel scan and depending which frequencies are affected you might consider to change the cable or LNB.

Question 5:
I don't see any image or don't hear any sound.

For decoding of video and audio we use so called decoders. In your case the required decoder is probably missing. A good choice is to install the free LAV-Filter package. You find it under the following link.

Question 6:
Once the DVBViewer tries to use my USB Box i get a blue screen.

Some older boxes do have problems when connected to USB 3.0. You have to connect them via USB 2.0 in order to avoid blue screens.

Question 7:
I don't find an answer to my question.

If you have a question which is not listed here, you might ask in our forum. We are also happy if a user will become part of our wonderful community.

Question 8:
Is there a demo version available?

You find a demo version under the following link.


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