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In our own case

Before you "dare" the step to grab the telephone in order to ask for support, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Is it really required to call us? Often its enough to have a look into the FAQ or our forum in order to find an answer for a possible question.

  • It is not really sensible to ask for things which do not concern the DVBViewer or one of our producs. Buy recommendations or counting the pro's why to buy the DVBViewer instead of another product is neither wanted by us, nor supported. This includes also Hardware.

  • Which time i should use to contact the support via phone? In this case you should bear human times in mind, even if our office is open till 10pm - it would be nice not to get any phone calls after 8pm. Most important in particular is the fact that we live in Europe which means GMT!

Even if the last point sounds a bit weird: I had in the last 2 weeks alltogether 3 specialists who dialed our number inbetween 3am and 6am in the morning within frequent intervals.


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