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At DVBViewer, we receive quite a lot support requests on a daily basis. To be able to survive this support-pressure as a company, we've introduced multiple ways of getting support.

Support Forum:

Our Support Forum should be always your first point of contact for questions of all kind. It exists for more than 15 years and there are no questions, which are'nt already answered for multiple times. Our Forum can be found here.

E-Mail Contact:

An alternative way is to contact us via E-Mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions 1:
The DVBViewer does not work properly and a Message "Can not find B2C2 MPEG2 Filter Tuner Ctrl. Interface", or "Can not find B2C2 MPEG2 Filter Audio/Video Ctrl. Interface" appears.

This Problem has several reasons:
  • First you should make sure that the cable and/or satellite dish is in a faultless condition.

  • The tuner of the Skystar2 is getting quite hot (50-60 C) under operating condition, therefore the card should not placed directly to other heat sources (like graphic card).

  • If a DiSEqC - Switch is installed you have to set the proper DiSEqC value to each receivable satellite inside the channel list.

  • Unluckily it is not infrequent that the broadcaster changes its position.

  • If this error appears only on Tele5, HSE24, Sport1 or AstroTV, then refer the question 2.

  • The voltage produced by the TV card for driving the LNB may be too low, so it is unable to switch from horizontal polarisation to vertical or back. LNBs of older design or multi-switches without own power supply sometimes have such a high current consumption that the voltage breaks down. You should upgrade to a modern LNB or a multi-switch with external power supply You may have also mixed up the cabling from the LNB to the multiswitch. Another reason may be an old LNB, which is not suitable for digital reception. Thus only channels in the low band can be received; all channels in the high band (with a frequency higher than approximately 11700 MHz) cannot be tuned. At last there may be a problem with 22 kHz signal used for switching between the low band and the high band. You should check the cabling.

Question 2:
Channels like Tele5, HSE24, Sport1 and AstroTV are distorted, there are packet errors.
A frequent problem. Usually it is caused by a DECT-phone. The base station (!) should be moved as far away as possible from the PC. If it is caused by your neighbour through the wall you will have to move your PC, though.

Question 3:
I can hear sound, but the monitor is still black.
This is often cased by the so called overlay mixer. Some older graphic cards do not support the playback in overlay mode, resp. the desktop resolution is too high to use this technique. To get an image you have to change the output under Options->DirectX either to "Unchanged" or VMR.

Question 4:
It seems to be that some audio of several sounds either to dull or it sounds like Mickey Mouse.
Several broadcasters change between their events between mono and stereo sound. Tis can cause a problem inside the Audiodekoder which does not realize this. In order to avoid these problems an newer mpeg decoder should be used.

Question 5:
When installing a TechniSat PCI TV-card there are blue screens with an ASUS A8N SLI (Deluxe).
These boards have a weak power supply for PCI. Therefore powerful PCI-cards are not supported. This is an serious problem of ASUS and can blow up your main board!

Question 6:
After tuning a channel i do not receive anything except teletext and epg data.
This is caused by a missing Mpeg Decoder. To receive a tv signal you hav to install such a decoder. Normally it is sufficient to install the TechniSat driver from their CD!

Question 7:
I did not found my question in the list above, may i use the send question function?
Well if your problem is not listed here, please make sure that it is not already listed inside the manual? This page is just about frequently asked question, but almost all problems are already listed in the manual, so please read it first!

Question 8:
Is there a demo version to test if my DVB Card is working?
A demo version can be found here.


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