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A short development status update right before easter:

As you know the DVBViewer is one of the dinosaurs of the DVB applications and after more than 12 years of development a lot of programcode has been produces. Caused by this fact we decided to start a radical spring-cleaning. One of the major advantages of such a process is that it helps to continue the development process in the future.
This reorganization, which includes all parts of the DVBViewer, needs a lot of testing. Once we are ready, we will start a public beta phase
Even if we do not expect bigger problems this step is required because of the massive code changes "under the hood" and the fact that our small team is not able to test every possible case.
In medium terms we plan to integrate several radio/video streaming services inside the DVBViewer. Especially caused by the massive success of HbbTV we really see a huge potential.
To do so we already stay in contact with a couple of broadcasters and we are confident to bundle a nice package.


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