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1. Introduction
2. DVBViewer Installation
3. Fundamental Operating Steps
4. Display Adjustments
5. Recording and Playback
6. The Channel List
7. The Options Window
8. Troubleshooting
9. Tools and Links
10. Small Filter Guide
11. Plugins
12. Legal Notes
2. DVBViewer Installation

Here you will learn how to install or update the DVBViewer Pro. You will also get information about the different files in the DVBViewer-folder and how to use the DVBViewer under Windows 2000/XP with a restricted user account.

The DVBViewer Pro is subject to ongoing change due to progress in research and development and thus constantly optimized. You are informed about updates by selecting info in the help menu of the DVBViewer while being connected to the internet. Information about new releases are downloaded from the DVBViewer's homepage and displayed on the screen.


At first you must install the TechniSat driver for your SkyStar 2/AirStar2/Cablestar or the corresponding TwinHan driver. In case of TechniSat cards go to the hardware manager and double-click the entry for the SS2/AS2/CS2 (network device). Now select “new driver” and point to your driver CD.
For TechniSat cards you must now install the complete TechniSat software bundled with the card. With the new driver 4.3.0 (compatible with Windows 2003 Server, no more problems with the EOL lock) TV4PC is not installed by default. Only if you want to use it (there's no need for, though) you'll have to edit the setup.ini in the directory where you unpacked the driver package (subfolder „install“) in the following way:

  • Change „InstallTvApp=FALSE“ to „InstallTvApp=TRUE“.
The DVB-card is bundled with the Sonic (driver versions before 4.3.0: Mediamatics (DVDExpress)) MPEG2 decoder. Its installation routine is contained in the DVBViewer TE's setup.exe file. Attention: When upgrading to the DVBViewer Pro you should not uninstall the TechniSat Edition since the MPEG2 decoder will also be uninstalled. That means you should install the Pro version to another folder (for example c:\programs\DVBViewer Pro). You can have both versions on your disk.
Now you may start the installation of the DVBViewer by executing the setup.exe. Beforehand you should.

  • terminate all running programs, especially the DVBViewer and
  • ensure you are logged in as administrator under Windows 2000/XP/2003.

For updating it is not necessary to uninstall the DVBViewer first, since you can easily install over the old version. All settings and the channel list (optionally) are preserved.


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