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1. Introduction
2. DVBViewer Installation
3. Fundamental Operating Steps
4. Display Adjustments
5. Recording and Playback
6. The Channel List
7. The Options Window
8. Troubleshooting
9. Tools and Links
10. Small Filter Guide
11. Plugins
12. Legal Notes

The Teletext Window

This symbol opens the Teletext window. It provides the following possibilities:

  • Select a page by clicking the digits in the toolbar. The eraser deletes incorrect input, just like the backspace key. Certainly you also may use the keyboard to enter the desired page number.

  • If a teletext page number is displayed on the current page, it is particularly easy to select it: Simply click it, and that's all.

  • Clicking the characters and switches to the preceding or following page. Also the subpages of a Teletext page can be displayed in this way. The same effect is obtained with the keys [+] and [-].

  • The left and right arrows are working exactly like the corresponding symbols in your browser. The left arrow leads back to the last visited page, the right arrow is responsible for the forward direction.

  • Clicking the disk symbol opens a dialogue to save the teletext page(s) in a file. There are different formats available (txt, gif, html).

Additionally the DVBViewer provides the possibility to insert Teletext subtitles in the television picture. Select Show Subtitles in the view menu, and enter the number of the desired subtitle teletext page. The subtitles are faded out after selecting Show Subtitles again. You can move the subtitles with drag'n'drop.

To use the search-function click the binoculars to open an input field. The search-term will be highlighted in the text.

Please keep in mind that some stations do not provide teletext. In this case the teletext symbol is disabled this is also the case, if no Teletext Pid has been entered in the channel list. Sometimes it can take a while until a page is transmitted. After having been stored in the page memory the pages are accessible without delay.


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