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1. Introduction
2. DVBViewer Installation
3. Fundamental Operating Steps
4. Display Adjustments
5. Recording and Playback
6. The Channel List
7. The Options Window
8. Troubleshooting
9. Tools and Links
10. Small Filter Guide
11. Plugins
12. Legal Notes

Start / Stop Recording

Clicking this symbol starts the recording of the current broadcast. A second click stops the recording.

The folder for recorded files can be selected in the options window on the tabsheet Recorder. By default the subfolder Capture of the DVBViewer folder is used. On the same tabsheet the file format for videos can be selected. The default setting is MPEG2-PS.

The DVBViewer automatically creates unique names for recorded files. They consist of the starting date and time, the channel name and the title of the broadcast (if provided by the EPG).

Additional information about recording and the Time Shift function can be found in chapter 5 and the following section.

The Recorder Control Window

This symbol opens the recorder control window. It provides additional information and some special options for recording:

  • The statistics area shows a graphical representation of the current bit rate in mbits per second.

  • The area below specifies the recording status (running/stopped/paused), the free disk space, and the maximum recording time in hours:minutes (estimated, depending on the bitrate). The progress bar displays the occupied and free disk space.

  • In the AV Control list you may disable audio and/or video playback, resulting in a substantially lower processor usage. It may be advantageous for using other programs while recording in the background.


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