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1. Introduction
2. DVBViewer Installation
3. Fundamental Operating Steps
4. Display Adjustments
5. Recording and Playback
6. The Channel List
7. The Options Window
8. Troubleshooting
9. Tools and Links
10. Small Filter Guide
11. Plugins
12. Legal Notes
11. Plugins

The DVBViewer features a sophisticated plugin interface. In this chapter some of the available plugins will be introduced. Such plugins enhance the functionality of the DVBViewer and add numerous new functions. The plugins can be downloaded at Here you can also download the Plugin SDK. Please note that you should always use the latest version of the DVBViewer.

Graphselector Plugin

You can create own graphs with GraphEdit to be used in combination with the different source-filters and DVD/Video playback via the GraphSelector Plugin (by Griga).

For example you can create a graph for the DVBViewer or Video source-filter for recording with A/V-rendering disabled. Now you may even use different decoders in combination with the SkyStar 4.2 source-filter. Now there is also a graph for directly recording radio broadcasts in the mp3-format (currently using the LAME encoder, 192 kbit/sec., high quality, CBR), although the Audiorecorder Plugin is better suited for this task.

Proceed as follows (a more detailed description can be found in the Readme file):

Copy the GRFSelector.dll into your Plugins folder at \dvbviewer\plugins. Then extract the Graph folder into the plugins folder as a subfolder.


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