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1. Introduction
2. DVBViewer Installation
3. Fundamental Operating Steps
4. Display Adjustments
5. Recording and Playback
6. The Channel List
7. The Options Window
8. Troubleshooting
9. Tools and Links
10. Small Filter Guide
11. Plugins
12. Legal Notes


Time shift is a non-linear recording and playback system. Simultaneously recording and watching TV is incredibly easy with the time­shift function. For example, while you're watching TV somebody rings at the door - no problem! Simply start recording and when you return, you can watch where you left off, while the rest of the program is continuously being recorded.

To use timeshift just start a recording and either select Timeshift in the DVBViewer-menu or move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the DVBViewer window. Then a toolbar pops up. Timeshift is (de-)activated via the button that looks like a tilde. In the following situations this is quite useful:

  • You would like to watch a show but you are in­disposed and can start to watch 20 minutes later. In order not to miss the beginning you start the timeshift recording at the beginning of the show and 20 minutes later timeshift play­back.

  • You would like to watch a film without advertisements. Now you start the timeshift recording at the beginning of the film and give the DVBViewer a lead of approximately 25 minutes. Then you start timeshift playback and watch the film from the beginning. The current playback position of the recording is displayed in the progress bar in the toolbar. Reaching an ad-break just skip it by simply using the progress bar slider.

  • In case you're interupted while watching a movie just click the pause button, timeshift recording will start automatically. Continue with clicking on the play button.

  • You may also start a timeshift recording precautionary. When you are interrupted simply click pause in the DVBViewer-menu or the pause symbol in the toolbar. When you return to the computer click the start button.

You can start TimeShift Playback by moving the slider of the toolbar's trackbar to the desired position. Proceed there as follows:

  • You can easily jump to any position by dragging the trackbar slider to it. There are two time-sets. The left one is the actual position, the right one displays the overall play-time.

  • Please note: The length of a stream is calculated based on the size of the file and the bitrate of the first video sequence. This often leads to a wrong length information. Unfortunately this is unavoidable with DVB

  • To stop timeshift completely, that means both recording and playback, simply click at the tilde-icon in the toolbar. You will return to the live broadcast.

  • To stop only the timeshift recording, but not the playback select Stop Timeshift recording in the DVBViewer menu.

  • The play, pause and stop buttons do not influence the timeshift recording, just the playback.

Enable Keep TimeShift File in the DVBViewer menu to store the timeshift recordings.


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