The Conversion Tab

This chapter describes the settings on the TSPlayer's Conversion Tab. Additionally it contains a step-by-step instruction for a typical conversion task.

General Remarks | MPG/TS Settings | Output Settings | Example

General Remarks

The TSPlayer is capable of performing the following conversions:

MPG to TS is not supported. The output format can be selected on the Player Tab.

A conversion with unchanged format is useful for cutting out a part of a file or joining files. Particularly a TS -> TS conversion enables extracting a program resp. channel out of a file containing more than one program, or extracting a specific audio stream out of a file that contains more than one audio stream. Additionally TSPlayer allows to decide whether teletext or subtitles (if recorded) shall be included or not.

If a TS file contains more than one channel, the one selected in the „Available Streams“ field on the Player Tab is written to the target file. The checkboxes related to specific streams in the „Available Streams“ field determine which of them are extracted.

You may leave playback switched on while converting. However, the conversion speed can not exceed playback speed in this case. Switch playback off by clicking the button to achieve the maximum speed.

The TSPlayer generates the output file name automatically. Usually it takes the name of the source file, but avoids overwriting existing files in any case by appending a number to the name, if necessary. If a source TS file contains more than one channel, the TSPlayer adds the channel name or service number to the destination file name.

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MPG/TS Settings

The settings in the upper part apply to the TS and MPG output format.

Possible causes for timestamp discontinuities: Temporarily interrupted recordings (e.g. due to bad weather conditions), concatenated files recorded at different times, broadcasts with discontinuous timestamps (e.g. demo loops, pay-per-view channels). Possible indications: TSPlayer and DVBViewer calculate a wrong duration, lots of error messages in ProjectX when demuxing the file, playback / seeking doesn't work in other players or doesn't work in in DVBViewer, if the DVBViewer Filter is deselected for playback (the DVBViewer Filter automatically adjusts the timestamps on file playback).

Recent DVBViewer versions write an adjusted PAT/PMT by default when recording as TS. In DVBViewer Pro it can be switched off (see „Options/ Recorder/ Adjust PAT/PMT“).

The three Packet Size Options allow to select different packet sizes for MPG files.

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Output Settings

The Output Settings section in the lower part displays the size of the converted file, provides automatic splitting and allows selecting the output directory:

If you own two hard disk drives, it is recommendable to convert from one drive to the other, in order to speed the process up. In case of a single drive the read/write head scampers between the files all the time, which takes time.

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An Example

Let's assume you have recorded a channel as TS file containing two audio streams, MPEG audio and AC3 (Dolby Digital). Now you want it as MPG file with the AC3 stream only. The first and last few minutes shall be cut off. Proceed as follows:

The conversion stops automatically after having reached the conversion end point... done!

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